Spanish Peaks Montage, Big Sky


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About the Project

In September 2018, Suffolk and the development team for the Spanish Peaks Mountain Club broke ground on this $400 million, 518,000 square-foot project. Visitors seeking adventure in Montana and Yellowstone National Park will be able to take advantage of the ultra-luxury resort’s 150 guest rooms, 39 residences, restaurant, bar, lounge, bowling alley, pool, youth programming, and Spa Montage. The facility will also boast 12,870 square feet of meeting and event space. 


For those looking to get outside, Montage Big Sky will have ski-in, ski-out access to 5,800 skiable acres at Big Sky Resort - the second largest ski resort in the United States by acreage - and access to Spanish Peaks Mountain Club’s 18-hole golf course. The resort is scheduled to open in late 2021.

Project Milestones

Construction Start Date:  9/4/2018

Demo of existing building: 9/17/2018

First Concrete Pour:  12/17/2018

South Tower Crane: 4/4/2019

First Busing: 5/13/2019

MEP Rough: 2/4/2019

First Steel Column:  6/3/2019

Second North Tower: 6/22/2019

Completion of first level of concrete walls: 7/23/2019

First concrete Deck pour: 7/24/2019

First Drilled Piers: 9/03/2019

First Steel Roof: 9/18/2019
Last Concrete wall pour: 10/22/2019

Drilled Piers complete: 11/8/2019
Temporary Hoist installed: 11/26/2019

First Window Install: 1/29/2020 

Final Concrete Deck Pour on the South Side of the building: 2/13/2020

Chimney Cap installed on North Side 5/14/2020   

Final Concrete Deck Pour on the North Side of the Building 8/1/2020

Steel Topping off 8/13/2020

Hotel 2025 Mockup reviewed at Approved 8/17/2020

Roof in Area 3 dried in 11/15/2020

Condo 13 Mockup Complete 11/20/2020

Percent Complete as of November 30, 2020: 67%

Construction Updates

Week of 5.25.20 - 5.29.20

Site Closed for Memorial Day 4/25

Backfill to top of grade in Area 3 4/26-4/30

Steel decking and detailing 4/16-4/30

Install of exterior stone 4/26-4/30

Install of Roof shingles north side of building 4/26-4/30

Concrete Pour Area 4 Level 4 5/28

Week of 6.1.20 - 6.5.20

Start of Westside ski beach grading 6/1-6/5

Erecting zones 52-54 6/1-6/5

Steel decking and detailing 6/1-6/5

Concrete Pour Area 4 level 5 6/4

Box walk for Condo 13 6/3

Week of 6.15.20 - 6.19.20

Install of windows Area 2A West 6/15-6/19

Install if exterior stone 6/15-6/19

Exterior framing Area 2 West 6/15-6/19

Electrical rough in Level 3 6/15-6/19

Week of 6.22.20 - 6.26.20

Concrete Pour Area 3 Level 2 6/25

Steel decking and detailing 6/22-6/25

Exterior framing Area 2 East 6/22-6/25

Close up of Hotel rooms 6/22-6/25

Project Gallery

Joel Nickel

Vice President & Executive Project Director

Doug Brinkman

General Superintendent 

Ryan Wilson

Senior Project Manager

Luke Regan

Safety Manager

Max Rodgers

Project Controller

Amanda Hamstra

Project Administrator

Joel Wilson

MEP Superintendent

Tom Cobb

Sr. Superintendent 

Jeremy Perez


Dylan Schultz


Cam MacDonald

Assistant Superintendent

Tyler Hough

Assistant Superintendent

Nate Hamstra

Project Manager

Tyler Clements

MEP Manager

Caitlin Tamposi

Project Manager

Todd Rossier

Project Manager

Harrison Lyons

Assistant Project Manager

Spencer Schmidt

Assistant Project Manager

Ted Durkin

Assistant Project Manager

Oliver Lowe

Project Engineer and Digital Content Coordinator

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